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Treating Mosquito Bites

Posted by Keith Ruebeling On July 17th

So, you tried hard to not get bit, but somehow you ended up with itchy, little mosquito bites?


This is the fifth of 7 Things YOU Need to Know About Southwest Florida Mosquitoes, a FREE eBook provided by Larue Pest Management, Inc.

Many bug bites that are thought to have been caused by a mosquito may actually have been the handiwork of other insects or bugs. Because mosquitoes are so common in Southwest Florida, it’s fair to say that they get the majority of the blame.

In most cases, treating mosquito bites will work the same way you would treat any other bug bite. Your symptoms (itching, redness and swelling at the site of the bite) may last as long as a week, but you have a few different options for dealing with the irritation.

Here are 15 unique ways to treat your mosquito bites:

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How do I prevent mosquito bites?

Posted by Keith Ruebeling On June 11th

You’re peacefully enjoying the beauty of the setting sun, when a familiar buzzzzzz enters your ear. It’s quickly followed up by a painful, annoying bite on your arm, then your ankle and once again you’re forced to retreat indoors.

Sound familiar? If you live in the Fort Myers or Naples area, you’ve probably wondered…

“How do I prevent mosquito bites?”


This is the fourth of 7 Things YOU Need to Know About Southwest Florida Mosquitoes, a FREE eBook provided by Larue Pest Management, Inc.

How in the world do you prevent mosquito bites when you live in a place where they’re around every corner?

Preventing mosquito bites in Southwest Florida can be a challenge, but taking a few precautions can save you a lot of pain in the long run!

Mosquito bites are most common at dawn and dusk, but bites can occur at any time of the day. It makes sense to avoid staying outdoors for long periods of time around dawn and dusk and be especially cautious in heavily wooded areas.

When you need to be outside, wear light-colored clothing, long-sleeve shirts and pants will provide extra protection and avoid wearing perfumes or scented lotions.

Insect repellants are a great way of preventing mosquito bites when you are spending time in your yard and the Center for Disease Control recommends products that contain the following active ingredients:

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What Diseases Do Mosquitoes Carry in Florida?

Posted by Keith Ruebeling On May 20th

If you’re planning to visit or move to the Fort Myers or Naples area, you may have asked yourself this very important question…

“What diseases do mosquitoes carry in Florida?”

This is the third of 7 Things YOU Need to Know About Southwest Florida Mosquitoes, a FREE eBook provided by Larue Pest Management, Inc.

While many of us are irritated by the itchy, red bumps that mosquito bites cause, we easily forget that we are also in danger of mosquito-borne illnesses that these insects can carry and transmit to humans.

Although it is rare for someone in Southwest Florida to contract one of these illnesses, we think education is the best form of prevention. At Larue, we hope that mosquito disease awareness will help you remember to be cautious and thoughtful when you are outdoors.

Below are the top three diseases that mosquitoes carry in Florida that we think you should learn about:

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Southwest Florida Mosquitoes – Why Do Mosquitoes Bite?

Posted by Keith Ruebeling On May 7th

Can you imagine life in Southwest Florida without mosquito control? But why do mosquitoes bite anyway? Are they just mean and out to get you for no reason?

Mosquito Control Systems Naples Fort Myers 04

This is the second of 7 Things YOU Need to Know About Southwest Florida Mosquitoes, a FREE eBook provided by Larue Pest Management, Inc.

Well, the truth is, only female mosquitoes bite.

Their mouths are designed to be able to pierce your skin and suck the nutrients from your blood that allow them to produce eggs.

Human blood is thick and tends to coagulate when it’s exposed to air, but the mosquito works around this problem by injecting saliva into your body at the site of the bite. This fluid is an anticoagulant, which lets your blood flow freely. Unfortunately, this process is what makes your skin itchy and inflamed where the mosquito has bitten you. It’s also how mosquitoes spread diseases to humans and animals.

Some people may feel like their getting bitten more than others, and that may be true! Mosquitoes have been proven to be more attracted to people who are:

Mosquito Control Systems Naples Fort Myers 05

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The name “mosquito” is believed to derive from the words “little fly,” but when one bites, it might not feel so small!

Mosquito Control Systems Naples Fort Myers

This is the first of 7 Things YOU Need to Know About Southwest Florida Mosquitoes, a FREE eBook provided by Larue Pest Management, Inc.

Even though we use one word to describe all of them, there are actually over 3,000 different species of mosquitoes.

Two types of mosquitoes found in Southwest Florida are:

  1. Freshwater Mosquitoes
  2. Salt Marsh Mosquitoes

Freshwater mosquitoes require standing water to lay their eggs, and if it doesn’t rain enough to allow for water

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Southwest Florida Mosquitoes – 7 Things You Need to Know!

Posted by Keith Ruebeling On April 9th

Southwest-Florida-Mosquitoes-Pest-ControlDo you have a major mosquito problem on your hands?

Do you live in the Fort Myers or Naples area and you’re considering a mosquito control system for your home?

Southwest Florida is a beautiful place to live! We get to enjoy so much sunshine and lush greenery year-round, but for some people, living here can be a challenge when it comes to bugs and insects. Mosquitoes are the most common pest to plague area residents, especially during the summer.

While you may feel helpless, your not powerless! There are some smart precautions you can take to minimize the threat of mosquitoes ruining your outdoor fun.

Over the next few months, our series of blog posts will be aim to teach you the ins and outs of mosquito control in Fort Myers, Naples and their surrounding areas, including:

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As if we didn’t have enough to worry about, now there are teenage mutant ninja termites roaming South Florida?

OK, so maybe they aren’t exactly teenage ninjas, but hybrid “super-termites” they could be!

Asian and Formosan hybrid by Thomas Chouvenc-University of Florida

The male Asian subterranean termite (brown abdomen) and the female Formosan subterranean termite (orange abdomen) are surrounded by their hybrid offspring (eggs, larvae, workers, soldiers) in an eight-month-old colony. Thomas Chouvenc/University of Florida

You’ve heard me say time and time again that termites cost nearly $5 billion in damage every year – more than fire, storms and earthquakes combined, but that number may soon change… and not for the better!

The Asian and Formosan species of subterranean termites are not native to Florida and are two of the most destructive termite species in the world. It’s been a challenge learning how to control termites of these species because of how quickly each of them multiply on their own, but now researchers are saying that the hybrid colonies are reproducing at nearly double the rate!

To put it in perspective, consider this: Read the rest of this entry »


Termite Awareness Week is March 15th – 21st!

How much do you know about termites?

It’s easy to feel safe from termites, but just because you haven’t seen them, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. That’s why every year the third week of March is dedicated to building awareness about the devastating effects termites can have on your home and your life.

Here’s the top 5 things you need to know about termites and termite control in Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral and the surrounding Southwest Florida areas:
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The 70th Anniversary of the Florida Pest Management Association

Posted by Keith Ruebeling On January 6th

Keith Ruebeling - President Florida Pest Management AssociationAs the Florida Pest Management Association embarks on their 70th Anniversary, I’m truly honored to serve this year as the organization’s 68th President.

I just want to start by thanking 2014 President Billy Riley for his outstanding leadership and dedication to serving our membership over this past year. The theme for his term…

Member Driven. Industry Focused

epitomized what the FPMA strives to accomplish.

We’re an association in existence to serve our members with a constant dedication to preserving and protecting the pest control industry. It’s so impactful in my opinion that I plan to continue using it as part of our ongoing message.

This year’s objectives will continue to be about strengthening our advocacy efforts, providing quality educational opportunities to our members and bringing our industry partners and operators together to network and fellowship.

We look forward to seeing each of our fellow pest control professionals at the upcoming FPMA Pest & Lawn Care Expo which in 2015 will feature the PestPac User Conference. We are excited about this partnership with Marathon Data Systems that will provide one incredible event for pest management professionals. If you have not yet registered please do so now!

Back by popular demand….. FPMA in Paradise is headed back to the Florida Keys! Our destination, The Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, is sure to be a hit among our attendees and their families. Fill out that vacation request form TODAY- June 22-25…do NOT miss this one!

Most importantly, we must work to define and improve the overall value that this great association can provide to all levels of memberships. I’m excited about the future of FPMA and our industry and I’m thankful for the opportunity to serve as its President.


You Dirty Rat! Rodent Control in Fort Myers, FL

Posted by Keith Ruebeling On December 11th

“I just NEED you to get rid of the RATS!”

Imagine it’s December and you’re the Executive Chef at a country club in a beautiful, high-end community in Fort Myers, Florida. Soon club members will be flocking down-south, returning to their winter homes and looking forward to that first special meal with all their friends back in the clubhouse.

This should be an exciting time of year, but a dark cloud looms overhead…

You have a serious rat problem on your hands!

Somehow, as the Executive Chef, you’ve been deemed with the responsibility of eradicating the problem. You’re also the one receiving calls from members complaining about seeing rodents around the building and even scurrying across the parking lot. Guests working out in the gym are finding rat droppings all over the floor and staff aren’t looking forward to opening closets, let alone stepping foot inside them. Management is relying on you to maintain their reputation for quality and save the community from embarrassment.

What do you do now?

Well, in this case, you ask Larue Pest Management to step in and take over, because the current rodent exterminators just aren’t quite up to the task.

After years of protecting homes and businesses from rats and mice, we’ve learned a few things that can make a big difference when it comes to effective rodent control in Fort Myers, FL. Read the rest of this entry »