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12 Landscaping Tips for a Florida-Friendly Yard - Fire Ant Control 02Feel the BURN!

Fire ants are a painful fact of life in Southwest Florida.

These stinging pests can leave burning red welts, that turn into blisters and become very itchy. Children are especially susceptible to the stings and can experience major swelling if bitten.

Fortunately, you can get fire ant control and stop them from taking over your yard and your life!

Extension agents from Texas A&M University have developed a two-part approach to treating fire ants that they call the Texas Two-Step.

The first step is to use bait that contains a toxin that targets fire ants. You’ll use a method called broadcast baiting—spreading the bait around rather than targeting specific mounds.

Fire Ant ControlMake sure to spread the bait at the ideal time when the ants are most active:

  • temperatures are warm and dry
  • no rain in the forecast
  • ground and grass are not damp

Do not disturb any of the mounds before broadcast application and always use fresh bait, preferably from an unopened container. Ants will collect the granules and carry them back to the colony. Within a few weeks, the colony will die off.

Seven to ten days after the initial broadcast application, you will need to do a mound-specific treatment. You can use the bait again or one of a variety of contact insecticides, such as dusts, liquids, or aerosols, that will need to come into contact with the ant to be effective.

Fire ants are one of the most stubborn pests found in Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral and across Southwest Florida, so to permanently eliminate ants from your yard, you may need to call lawn care professionals who handle fire ant control.

Larue’s Lawn Care Program includes fire ant control with an annual treatment using Top Choice from Bayer.

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Mosquito Control | Fort Myers NaplesIf you live in Southwest Florida, you know that mosquito and noseeum control can be frustrating!

Have your cookouts been filled with that particular chorus of buzzing and slapping we all know?

How many of your evenings outdoors have ended with bites and stings? Sometimes it feels like we’re being eaten alive right here in paradise!

And while noseeums are just plain annoying, mosquitoes can be a serious threat to the health of you and your family by spreading diseases like West Nile Virus and the Chikungunya Virus (which was recently reported right here in Fort Myers).

Thankfully you have options in the battle to protect your family and control mosquitoes and noseeums on your property. Here are some landscaping tips on how you can keep them from ruining your family time outside… Read the rest of this entry »

You want your home and landscape to be a safe place for your family to enjoy, but termites can threaten your tranquility…

Larue Termite Control Fort Myers Naples

This is the seventh of 12 Landscaping Tips for a Florida-Friendly Yard, which can be downloaded from our free eBook library.

In Fort Myers, Naples and all of Southwest Florida, both subterranean and drywood termites have been known to devastate homes by eating right through wooden beams used in walls and roofs. In order to protect your family and control termites around your property, there are some techniques you can adopt in your landscape.

Termites are always looking for new places to feast. Here are some landscaping tips that will help protect your home: Read the rest of this entry »